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Supporting musical creation

In accordance with the Intellectual Property Code, the SCPP allocates a proportion of the remunerations that it collects under the terms of Equitable Remuneration and Private Copying to actions that support the creation and transmission of the performing arts and to training activities for artists.

The Creation Support Commission (Commission d'Aide à la Création)
Each month, a 9-seat committee elected each year by the General Assembly of the SCPP examines subsidy applications and submits its proposals to the Administrative Board. The Administrative Board makes decisions concerning the allocation of aid and the SCPP monitors the implementation of each project that is supported.

Beneficiaries of aid:

The following parties are eligible to receive aid :
• Producers of sound recordings, associates of the SCPP
• Professional bodies that manage Operations of general interest.
Subsidies allocated by the SCPP
• Creation of sound recordings
• Creation of music videos
• Tours
• Agreements with performance venues
• Special projects (Bureau Export de la musique française, Francophonie Diffusion, FCM, Victoires de la Musique, Studio des Variétés, etc.).

The SCPP also supports organisations that support the transmission of the performing arts,
musical creation and the training of performers.