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Defending member's rights

The SCPP ensures that producers benefit from a legal and technological environment that allows them to exercise their profession under the best possible conditions.

The SCPP is responsible for...

• Informing its members about laws and regulations relating to the related rights and contractual agreements that it has negotiated and is monitoring for the collection of fees.
• Conducting information activities and making proposals to the legislator, ministries and the
French Broadcasting Authority (Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel -CSA).
• Participating in the activities of the Committees of the French Literary and Artistic Property Authority (Conseil Supérieur de la Propriété Littéraire et Artistique - CSPLA), the French Anti-Piracy Committee (Comité National Anti-Contrefaçon-CNAC), HADOPI, and the Private Copying Commission (Commission sur la Copie Privée).
• Conducting lobbying activities at the European and international levels (draft European Community directives and draft international agreements).
• Participation in the drafting of MPEG and DDEX technical standards.