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Administering the ISRC code

The ISRC code
The International Standard Recording Code is used to identify audio and audiovisual recordings, i.e. sound recordings and music videos. The purpose of the code is to facilitate the administration of related rights – and therefore producers’ rights – by collective administration societies, to enable reproduction, broadcasting and public communication of each title to be monitored, to collect fees from users and distribute these fees to the rights owners.
The ISRC, included in the signal on digital formats, registers each sound recording and music video but is not intended to identify the format itself (CD, DCC, mini-disc, etc).
Code structure
Example : FR - Z11 - 92 - 20350

FR : National code
First owner’s code :  Z11
Recording year : 92
Recording code : 20350
The SCPP has been the national ISRC agency since 1989, with responsibility for promoting and administering the code in France.
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