Joining the SCPP


Joining the SCPP allows you to collect the rights your music has generated 

To become an SCPP member, you must be:

  • ​A sound recording producer,
  • A music video producer,
  • A representative of a sound recording producer or a music video producer,
  • ​A transferee of the sound recording producer’ rights. In fact, a music video producer cannot join the SCPP: they must be, in any case, a sound recording producer and/or hold the rights for at least 5 sound recordings.

4 steps to joining the SCPP: 

STEP 1 - Sending in your application for SCPP membership​

To do this, simply send the following documents to the SCPP’s Membership Department:​

- Membership application ( SCPP membership​​ application​​​)

- Membership document ​(Membership agreement​​)

- A Kbis extract for your company from the trade and companies register (for individual persons, a copy of your passport or ID card. For associations, an association declaration statement).

- Bank account details

- The list of five of your sound recordings (titles) and the name of their main performer​

- Album covers or sleeves corresponding to these five recordings or files (screenshot) in case of digital publishing​​

STEP 2 – Submit your application to the SCPP Board of Directors

The SCPP Board of Directors meets monthly and reviews each membership application. It approves or denies each request.

STEP 3 – SCPP Membership

If your application for membership is accepted by the SCPP, the Membership Department will send you a letter as well as the texts of the ​statutory (mandatory) and optional mandates​. You must return the following documents to the SCPP: 

- A €150 check which represents a share of the registered capital of the SCPP. This amount will be refunded to you when you cease to be a member. 

- The statutory and optional mandates that you wish to entrust to the SCPP.

 STEP 4– Follow up by the Social Catalog department

To validate your membership to the SCPP, you must declare the sound recordings and music videos for which you hold the rights or represent in France to the SCPP.

The SCPP’s Social Catalog and Distribution department will confirm your membership and send you a questionnaire to be completed as soon as possible.

Your contacts :

Membership department : Raphaelle AUGEARD
Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 43 03 04 -

Social Catalog Department (sound recordings) : Marie-Charlotte Lachaize
Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 43 79 80 -

Music Videos : Gaelle SFILIGOI
Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 43 03 74 98 -

Reception of SCPP :
Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 43 03 03 -

The SCPP uses the personal data collected in this form to manage your application for membership, in accordance with its privacy policy available on the website

Joining the SCPP