The SCPP is the French National Agency for the ISRC


Since 1989, the SCPP has been the French National Agency for the ISRC which is responsible for promoting and administering the ISRC in France.

International management of the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) system is provided by an International Agency:

International ISRC Agency

 International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)

 IFPI Secretariat

 10 Piccadilly-London W1J 0DD-United Kingdom


Management of the ISRC system within each country has been delegated to National Agencies which constitute the link between production companies and the ISRC international agency (IFPI). The main tasks of an ISRC national agency are to assign country codes and codes declaring producers, and to consult the ISRC International Agency (IFPI) to ensure full implementation of the ISRC system.

This code is designed to facilitate the management of related rights—and thus producers' rights—by collective management companies, allowing for the monitoring of the reproduction, broadcasting and public transmission of each track, ensuring that the fee is paid by the user and distributing the remunerations collected for the rights owners.

Incorporated into the signal on digital media, the ISRC code registers each recording—sound recording or music video—but is not designed to identify the medium.

An ISRC identifies the recording throughout its lifetime.

Each recording or individualized element of a recording must be assigned its own ISRC. The ISRC code must appear on all documents related to the recording in question.

A new or modified recording must obtain a new ISRC. In order to preserve the unique, distinct nature of the identification provided by the ISRC code, it is prohibited to reuse an ISRC that has already been allocated. The ISRC code remains unchanged in the event that the first owner transfers a recording after its publication in its original form.


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The SCPP is the French National Agency for the ISRC