Distribute additional remuneration to artists

To distribute to the musicians, choristers and choir artists, on behalf of the associate members of the SCPP, the complementary remuneration provided by the CCNEP

​​​​Since 2008, the SCPP has distributed to some artists the remuneration due by music producers

The National Collective Agreement on Phonographic Publishing (CCNEP) was signed on 30/06/2008, and extended by the decree of 20/03/2009. Annex III of the Convention provides that certain categories of performers would receive from the producers of phonograms a proportionate additional remuneration of up to 6% of the sums collected for the use, under the exclusive right, of phonograms. which they participated.

The additional protocol provides for an increase of 0.5% for the artists concerned for phonograms fixed before 1 July 1994 and broadcast before the signature of the CCNEP, ie before 2009.

Who is concerned ?

  • The producers concerned are those whose main activity is phonographic publishing.
  • The artists who will benefit from the proportional complementary remuneration are the musicians, choristers and artists of choirs, who participated in the recording of a phonogram and who signed for this a contract of work under French law.


  • Producers must provide, in their phonogram declarations made to the SCPP or the SPPF, the list of musicians, choristers and choral artists who participated in the recording of the phonogram and with whom they have signed an employment contract French law.
  • Musicians, singers and choir artists will have the possibility, via this secure website, to consult their repertoire and will be able to claim the missing entries. They must then return signed in due form, the discharge that will have been sent to them.


  • Producers will thus have the opportunity to exploit their phonograms within the framework of an exclusive right.
  • Musicians, singers and performers will receive a proportionate additional remuneration, calculated on the basis of the sums collected by the producer under the exclusive right, for the exploitation of the phonogram in which they participated.

To find out more: the musicians website

The site initiated by the SCPP and the SPPF, dedicated to the implementation of Annex 3 of the National Collective Convention on Phonographic Publishing (CCNEP) and its additional protocol. Access the musicians website.

Distribute additional remuneration to artists