What is the SCPP's catalog?

​​The SCPP’s catalog has nearly 7 million sound recordings (titles) and 75,000 music videos from more than 2,700 music producers.

When a producer joins the SCPP, it authorizes the SCPP to manage all or some of its sound recordings and music videos. If you would like to use a sound recording or music video that belongs to the SCPP’s catalog, you must pay a fee to the SCPP which will then be paid to the producer. In some cases, you will have to pay a fee directly to the producer (find out more).

> View the SCPP’s sound recording catalog
>  View the SCPP’s music video catalog


What if the sound recording or music video you want to use is not in the SCPP’s catalog?

It is possible that they may be found in the SPFF's catalog. In this case, the producer may not have joined a collective management company and will therefore not be able to collect their rights.​

What is the SCPP's catalog?