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If you are a foreign producer who has not designated a French producer to collect remuneration from SCPP on your behalf, you have the right to appoint SCPP to administer directly your rights in France.


To qualify for membership, applicants must :

 Be :

-  a producer of phonograms or music videos derived from phonograms already released in a Rome Convention signatory country,
- an agent or assignee of a such a producer,
- an assignee for rights belonging to a producer of phonogram. A producer of music videos can not be member of the SCPP. He must be the producer of at least 5 phonograms. 
Follow the following procedure:
STEP 1 – Send your application to the SCPP
Send the 2 following application forms to the SCPP:

Append the following to your membership application:

1 -  Your official company registration entry (dating back less than three months)*,
2 - Your bank account details,
3 - The titles of five of your recordings and the names of their main performers (in accordance with the general rules),
4 - The sleeves or jackets (front and back) for these five recordings.

The value of each associate member’s share is €150. SCPP membership applications are examined and accepted or refused by the Board of Directors.
* For individuals: a certificate of nationality. For associations: association declaration receipt.

STEP 2 – Presentation of your application to the board of the SCPP

The board of the SCPP validates memberships monthly.

STEP 3 – Become a member

If your application is accepted, you will receive the mandates from the membership department. You must return the following documents:
- A 150€ check that represents a share of the capital stock. You will be refunded in case of resignation. 
- The obligatory and optional mandates that you wish to entrust to the SCPP.

 STEP 4– Acceptance by the “Répertoire social” department

Once your file completed, the “Répertoire social” department will send you a membership number as well as all the codes allowing you to enter the Membership Access on the SCPP website.

IMPORTANT : In order to complete your membership, it is necessary to declare to the “Répertoire social” department the phonograms and music videos you have the rights for. The “Répertoire social” will contact you in order to give you more information about your declarations.


Membership department : Ulrike Chasseguet-Huning (Steps 1, 2 and 3) – 00 33 1 41 43 03 03

Répertoire sociale department : Sandrine Morlet - Corinne Benmhad (Step 4) – 00 33 1 41 43 03 24 – 00 33 1 41 43 79 77