Collect your rights abroad

SCPP distributes the rights that your music generates abroad thanks to agreements signed with 19 countries


When you joined, you mandated the SCPP to perform a number of acts on your behalf.


These mandates entrust SCPP with the task of entering into general contracts of common interest with the users of sound recordings and music videos in France, allowing them to broadcast, communicate, and reproduce your catalog for this purpose. These mandates also entrust the SCPP with the task of having the collective management companies collect the remuneration granted by the laws of their country to your sound recordings when they are broadcasted and/or reproduced.


With regard to the sound recording mandates (statutory and optional) and through agreements signed with our sister companies in a number of countries, the SCPP will distribute to you the rights that your music generates abroad without any additional cost.


Reciprocal agreements:

Thanks to the bilateral and reciprocal agreements signed by the SCPP with a large number of international collective management companies, the SCPP's members, via the SCPP, are able to collect the fees that their creations have generated by being broadcasted and/or reproduced abroad.

The SCPP has signed agreements with the following companies:


  • USA (Sound Exchange) (AAR​C)



A simple 4-step system:

1. You indicate to the SCPP the sound recordings you have declared but for which you don’t hold the rights abroad (by country, by type of right, etc.).

2. The SCPP declares the part of your catalog for which you hold the rights abroad to foreign collective management companies with which it has signed reciprocal agreements.

3. These foreign companies collect your rights in their countries and pay them back to the SCPP.

4. The SCPP distributes these rights to you once every six months in the same way as it does with your rights generated in France.


How do I set this system in motion?

To set this system in motion, you must take the first step because the SCPP will not risk transmitting sound recording declarations for which you do not hold the rights in this country to a collective management company of another country.

For each country, you must exclude declarations that the SCPP will make on your behalf: 

  • The sound recordings you represent as a licensee in France but not abroad.
  • The sound recordings of which you are the owner (producer) but for which you entrusted the management and collection of the rights to the local producer (your licensee) in this country.


In your private space (to which you have access after you have logged in), the SCPP offers you the possibility of configuring your choices by types of uses and types of rights.


You may, in fact, have mandated your representative in one country to collect the broadcast rights of your sound recordings, but not the remuneration for Private Copying. In this case, the SCPP will ask the collective management company of that country to pay you this remuneration—and only this—through its intermediary.  

Collect your rights abroad