The grants awarded by the SCPP in 2017


The purpose of this report is, as each year, to report to the partners of the SCPP and to the Minister of Culture the use of the sums directly or indirectly allocated by the SCPP to the creation aid.

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As a result, the SCPP had a total amount of 16,688,161 Euros in 2017, ie :
• 7,251,302 Euros, or 25% of the Private Copying, that the SCPP must devote to Creation Assistance,
• 5,833,364 Euros, deducted from the non-distributable amounts of the Equitable Compensation allocated during the previous financial year,
• 600 000 Euros, ie the sums remaining not allocated to allocations,
• 2 544 469 Euros, ie the balance of the Aides budget for the year 2016 ("Selective Aids" balance: 2 030 247 Euros, "Draw Rights" balance: 514 222 Euros),
• 282 150 Euros of grants awarded in previous years that were canceled in 2017 and reinstated in the 2017 Selective Aids budget,​
• and 176,876 Euros in "Drawing Rights" grants awarded in previous years that were canceled by producers in 2016 and reinstated in the 2017 budget.


The total budget for SCPP creation assistance has been allocated by the Board of Directors as follows :

a -7,916,118 Euros in the "Drawing Rights" budget (ie € 7,923,965 in the initial budget from which € 7,847 in withdrawals from the 2016 Drawdown Fee were deducted) and
b - 8 772 044 Euros for the "Selective Aids" budget (ie 8 484 644 Euros from the initial budget, 282 150 Euros grants from previous years canceled and reinstated as well as 7,847 Euros for renouncing the 2017 Drawdown and the deduction of 2,598 Euros for regularization)​

The "Selective Aids" budget was allocated pursuant to the decision of the General Assembly to​ :
• the aid to the creation of phonograms: 2 509 140 Euros
(2,407,984 Euros + 101,138 Euros of grants from previous years canceled + 2,616 Euros of renouncements to the 2017 Drawdown Fee - 2,598 Euros of regularization).
• the help to the creation of videomusic : 586 938 Euros
(481,597 Euros + 102,725 Euros of grants from previous years canceled + 2,616 Euros of renouncements to the 2017 Drawing Right).                                                               • help with the broadcasting of live shows: 442 101 Euros                                                                                                                                                                                                       (361,198 Euros + 78,287 Euros of grants from previous years canceled + 2,616 Euros of renouncements to the 2017 Drawing Right)                                                                help for special projects: 5 233 866 Euros


During fiscal 2017, the Commission met 11 times to study 1,295 grant application files (974 in 2015 and 1,134 in 2016). The Board of Directors granted, on a proposal from the Commission, 1,111 grants (826 in 2015 and 932 in 2016) for an amount of 13,821,896 Euros (1) (or 7,324,892 Euros in respect of the Right of Draw). and € 6,497,004 under Selective Assistance).

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19 organizations received a grant from SCPP :

- for the Spectacles / Special Projects: for the fourth year in a row (and for some for longer), the Festival with Fil des Voix (11th edition), The Victoires de la Musique (ceremony 2017), the Calif (7th edition), for the 3rd year, Musicora (fair of classical music and jazz), the Mama for the first year Network Spring (31st edition Inouïs of the Printemps de Bourges), News Tank Culture (2017 event), AJC - Association Jazzé Croisé (Jazz Migration 2017).​
- under the Training : (for more than four years): the Fair, The Variety Studio, Voix du Sud, ACP-La Manufacture, LKF & Partners and for the second year, Guillaume Coignard Training, EMIC (training "Equal Opportunities") and for the first year Red Pepper Production.
- As organizations: (for more than four years): Free Zone, FCM, the association Tous pour la Musique (TPLM).
- finally € 1,523,943 were allocated to the actions provided for in I.b) of article R.321-6 of the Intellectual Property Code, or "Defense, promotion and information actions in the interests of creators and their works".​

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In 2017,

•75.26% of the SCPP Creation Assistance budget was allocated directly to the phonographic producers, that is 10 403 381 Euros.

•9.06% to institutions (Fair, Variety Studio, Southern Voice, ACP-Song Factory, LKF & Partners, Emic, Free Zone, FCM, All for Music, Guillaume Coignard Formations and Red Pepper Production) that is 1 252 374 Euros.

•2.12% to actions of general interest (The Victories of the Music, Calif, The Festival with the Thread of the Voices, Mama, Musicora, Réseau Printemps, Tank Culture News, AJC - Jazzé Croisé Association), or 293,330 Euros.​

• 2.54% to the phonographic producers within the framework of the agreements with the theaters, ie 348 868 Euros.

• 11.02% for defending actions, ie 1 523 943 Euros.


The cost of subsidy management is borne by the general budget of the company. The SCPP does not carry out any the aid budget to finance this operation. The cost of this management can however be estimated for 2017 to 175,980 Euros.​


All grant applications (other than those for special projects) are submitted to an Award Committee whose 9 members are elected each year by the General Assembly of the company.

This Commission, in compliance with the rules laid down by the Board of Directors and notified to all applicants (2), proposes to the Board of Directors: for selective assistance, whether or not a grant is awarded and the amount thereof and, for files using the draw right, after checking the eligibility and the amount requested complies with the capping rules in force, the award of the grant.

The Board of Directors appointed by the General Assembly, after hearing from a representative of the Commission, allocates or not the proposed grants.

The payment of subsidies is conditional on the declaration of the titles appearing on the projects assisted to the repertoire of the SCPP (during the payment of the first part for videomusic projects, tours, first parts and when the balance is paid for the phonographic creation projects ).​​

50% of the grant is paid on presentation of an invoice before the project is completed, the remaining 50% is paid on presentation for :

- the creation of a phonogram: of 2 CDs or the screen copy of the titles available on a site for download. (A check is carried out by random sampling of a "Right of Draw" file and a "Selective Aids" file per month, in order to verify that the grant awarded does not represent more than 40% of the actual costs of registration). The payment of the balance of the grant is conditional on the declaration of the titles appearing on the assisted project in the directory of the SCPP.

- videomusic material: a DVD copy of the clip or the screen copy of the video available on a download site, the copy of the audiovisual production contract or the payment invoices for the production of the clip, making it possible to verify that the grant awarded does not represent not more than 40% of the actual costs of implementation. The music video must be declared in the directory of the SCPP.

- the tours and the first parts, the list of the dates, accompanied by the documents justifying the amount of the participation of the producer in the financing of the tour as well as a copy of the inserts presses, posters, flyers, leaflets, to control that the subsidy obtained does not exceed 50% of the producer's participation. The results of checks concerning the creation of a phonogram, the tours and the first parts are subject to validation by the Commission only when the amounts granted have to be revised. The first half of the grant is recovered by the SCPP when the project is not completed.

Only grants awarded for artists' training and shows-cases, in the rooms agreed by the SCPP, are paid in full in a single time after justification of their realization and the declaration of the titles of the album making the subject of the promotion operation to the SCPP directory.

(2) These rules appear on the grant application file.​

The grants awarded by the SCPP in 2017