Why join the SCPP?

Why join the SCPP?

1. The vast majority of independent oroducers are affiliated to the SCPP (over 4, 000 members)

The SCPP has over 4, 000 members including the major international companies and vast majority of French independent producers.​

2. Collection of rights extended to new areas and beyond French borders

The SCPP collects the rights for all new uses and new technologies, regardless of the broadcasting media, by establishing tailored prices. The SCPP has extended its collection duties beyond French borders through reciprocal agreements signed with many counterparts ar​ound the world.

3. One of the lowest management costs in Europe: 8%

While France is now leading the European countries in collecting collectively managed music rights, the SCPP has one of the lowest collective management costs in Europe.

4. A continually updated IT environment for greater transparency, interactivity, and responsiveness

The SCPP is continually updating its IT environment in order to adapt to new areas and types of collection and to give our members more visibility and transparency. These changes include: new applications and interfaces that allow members to more easily declare their catalog, monitor their files and distribution online, submit applications for grants, and represent their catalog abroad.

5. One of the key players in combating music piracy

As a "regulatory enforcer" for music producers, the SCPP has a dedicated department with specialized investigators. Every year it closes hundreds of sites and removes thousands of links that illegally make its members’ music files available. Its legal actions against counterfeiters, its training program (conducted with the Regional Customs Department and Police force and Gendarmerie), and its collaboration with Hadopi make it one of the key players in combating piracy.

6. More than 20 million euros annually allocated to creation grants

In addition to grants for creating sound recordings and music videos, the dedicated commission alloc​ates part of the budget to about thirty concert halls for its members to use. Each year, 80% of SCPP grant applications receive a positive response. Members have a website dedicated to grants, allowing them to file their applications, monitor the processing thereof, and view the Board of Directors’ decisions.

7. ​Exceptional grants to support the profession

Committed to supporting producers, whether international companies or independent producers, the SCPP awards grants to help those suffering from the disappearance of their distributor. This thus affirms its dedication to improving the financial security of sound recording production while promoting music creation.​



Why join the SCPP?