Grants for SCPP members

SCPP provides more than 20 million in grants to its members each year

Pursuant to the Intellectual Property Code, the SCPP allocates a proportion of the remunerations that it collects for Fair Remuneration and Private Copying to initiatives that support the creation and broadcasting of live performances and artist training.

The Commission d’Aide à la Création (creation assistance board)

 A committee elected by the SCPP's general shareholders' meeting reviews grant applications each month and submits its proposals to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors decides on allocating grants and the SCPP monitors the implementation of each project.​

The Recipients

The following parties are eligible to receive grants:​​

  • Sound recording producers who are SCPP members, 
  • Professional organizations in charge of projects of collective interest.

SCPP grants are intended exclusively for SCPP members.

How do I get a grant?

All information is available on the SCPP's website. To access it, you must log in ("MEMBER ACCESS") with your login information that you receive when you register ("MEMBER ACCESS"). You will then be redirected to the SCPP grants site.


 In order to promote music creation, particularly through the emergence of new talent, the SCPP provides grants to projects to launch or relaunch careers. The SCPP awards the following grants: 

  • Grants for creating sound recordings
  • Grants for live performances
  • Grants for creating music videos
  • Grants for concerts (SCPP approved/Concert hall)
  • Grants for artist training
  • Special projects

The rules for allocating grants

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Grants for SCPP members