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Copyright provides protection for artistic works. Authors are guaranteed an absolute property right enforceable against everyone, the exclusive right to make use of their works and obtain a financial benefit from them. Originally granted in the form of royal privileges to printers, this right was given to authors, composers, painters and other artists over the years and was eventually codified by the Literary and Artistic Copyright Act of 11th March 1957.
Related rights

It was not until 3rd July 1985 that the “Lang Act” acknowledged the rights of sound recording and music video producers and performers. These rights are called “related” or “exclusive” rights. The act gives the producer the right to license reproduction, sale, exchange, hire and public communication of its sound recordings and music videos in return for a fee.
Copie France

Society that collects and distributes fees for private audiovisual copying.

The Fonds pour la Création Musicale (musical creation fund) makes grants to professionals in all musical repertoires and for all musical communication activities: CDs, live shows, teaching, broadcasting, the Internet and music publishing.

The aim of the Fonds Audiovisuel Musical (broadcast music fund) is to facilitate the presence of music in all its forms on television and to encourage investment by the music industry in the creation of broadcast music.

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Represents the recording industry worldwide.
Sound recording

A recording of a sequence of sounds in any format (vinyl, CD, cassette or digital file). Exclusively audio recording

Person or company taking the initiative and responsibility for the first sound recording, including the financial investments.
Equitable remuneration

Compulsory payment made by the sound recording user to a producer, among others, whose sound recording has been broadcast or played in a public place. This type of fee is an exception to the producer’s licensing right, as users (radio stations, clubs, sound system operators, etc) pay equitable remuneration instead of having to request permission from producers.

Société pour l’Administration du Droit de Reproduction Mécanique (mechanical reproduction rights administration society), administered by the Sacem.

Société de Perception et de Répartition pour la Rémunération de la Copie Privée Sonore (private audio copying fees collection and distribution society).

Société Civile pour la Perception de la Rémunération Equitable (equitable remuneration collection society).

Copyright royalties collection agency (authors, composers and music publishers).

Société Civile des Producteurs Associés (associate producers society). Licenses users to communicate sound recordings installed on telephone hold systems to the public in return for a fee.
Music video

Recording of a sequence of images illustrating a sound recording, audiovisual work or “clip” (legally the definition refers to the original audiovisual work in any format produced by recording images incorporating a sound recording that it illustrates, commonly referred to as a “clip”).